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Overview the Project

The distance between countries is getting closer, and for various reasons and factors, many and more people choose to migrate outside the country, including Germany. For those who shortly will live in Germany permanently, with the aim of:
1. Work as a professional in the field of MINT (Mathematical, Ingenieur, Engineering, Biotechnology, and Information Engineering)
2. Mixed marriage and
3. for those who are in the process of a family gathering in Germany

Will get many quality support in the form of information, consultation, seminars, and virtual services, which is provide their:
1. Prepare for daily life & work life in Germany
2. Handling anxiety and stress
3. Support for preparation for obtaining a language certificate as a Visa requirement
4. Support during the transition until German pre-integration services are accessible

This project are supported by AMIF (Asyl, Migration, Integrationsfond)

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