Sore,Wisjer!: Curation,what is that?

Sore, Wisjer!: Curation, what is that?

On Tuesday, the 25th of August 2020, Wisma Jerman invited to meet and greet online with D.N. Mukti who usually goes by the name of Dwiki. Dwiki has been active as a curator since 2010 when he joined the local Surabaya artist collective Serbuk Kayu. Indeed his journey as a curator was not planned from the beginning. It rather happened due to the circumstances at the time and led him to find his passion as a curator.

According to him, curation is the process of connecting the artist with the observer so that both art enthusiasts as well as casual visitors of an exhibition can understand the message or the meaning of a piece of art. However, the role of a curator is often misperceived as a seller of artwork rather than the person who selects and manages the artwork for an exhibition. The key to a successful curation process lies in the communication between the curator and the artist in which the artists discusses the objective of the artwork with the curator. In turn the curator will provide input and direction to support artist to achieve its objectives. There is however no obligation to engage a curator during the preparations of an exhibition.

According to Dwiki many artists are able to curate their own artwork independently and therefore in general an artist does not need a curator but a curator needs an artist.

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