Test DaF

The TestDaF is a language test for foreign learners of German who plan to study in Germany or who require recognised certification of their language skills. The TestDaF examination is centrally developed and rated by the TestDaF Institute based in Hagen, Germany. The test can be taken at licensed Test Centres in about 80 different countries. All examination candidates receive the same tasks and the examinations are graded by trained raters.

Test DaF

Who can take the TestDaF:

  1. Advanced Learners
    Intermediate to advanced learners of German who wish to obtain a differentiated assessment of their language skills.

  2. German University
    Applicants for a place at a German university.

  3. Career
    People requiring internationally recognized evidence of their knowledge of German for their further academic or professional career at home or abroad.

Have you successfully registered for the TestDaF and need an exam preparation course to boost your skills? Practice with our experienced Goethe-certificated teachers in a private course (1-2 people) online or offline. The private course consists of 15 teaching units (5 meetings á 3 UE). For further information and registration, please contact us: kursus@wisma-jerman.or.id