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Library & Infopoint

First inaugurated in early 2014, the library has been updated and integrated with Infopoint Deutsch. It provides a variety of electronic media for public use including iPod, iPad and three computer workstations. An extensive selection of media can be found among others consisting of materials for exam preparation, German language teaching and learning materials, children's fairy tales as well as a variety of contemporary German literature, art and music. The cozy mini Kino (cinema) completed with DVD can be used to enjoy a wide variety of movies, documentations or to watch German TV broadcasts (Deutsche Welle). On special occasions native speakers conduct activities which support the learning and understanding of German language and culture. These events guided by native speakers are held on predetermined days and are valuable for German learners to support the improvement of their language skills.

The Infopoint Deutsch provides information about many interesting programs from Germany, tailored for young people who are interested in other cultures and intercultural experiences. Moreover it also offers practical advice for people, who want to live and work in Germany. Information events and discussion sessions with returnees, or persons who are currently in Germany are held routinely on predetermined days – For more information please see our schedule.

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