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Wisma Jerman is a worldwide unique cooperation between the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK/EKONID) and the Goethe-Institut Indonesia, supported by the German Embassy. The Wisma Jerman therefore represents the interests of Germany in the region of East Java with its three pillars Economy, Education (language) and Culture.

A good learning atmosphere leads to success

Sometimes learning german is not easy. But with modern equipped classrooms, highly educated teachers and a beautiful relaxed location, Wisma Jerman provides you everything you need for a successful education.


“I enjoyed learning German at WisJer a lot. The material is easy to understand and also fun because it is mixed with games. We do not only learn the language, but we also get to know more about German culture. 6 months of learning A1-B1 feels fast plus there is an exam simulation that really helps”


“I really like studying at Wisma Jerman with fun learning methods and teachers! I can learn German quickly and easily thanks to the help of Wisma Jerman”

Joyceline Jacqueline Chan

“Learning German can be so much fun at Wisma Jerman, apart from working on the material in the book, we also have game sessions and talk about culture in Germany. And studying here is also not subject to age, really all ages can study at Wisma Jerman”

Bunga Larasati

“Wisma Jerman provides adequate learning resources as well as qualified teachers. I could experience Germany itself through some events held here such as the Sommerfest. Superb. Keep up the good work, Wis-Jer!”

Wilujeng A.P. Tirto Utomo

“I really enjoy the class. Learning Deutsch makes me know more about Germany; the culture, people, etc. Wisma Jerman gives me good opportunity to deepen my ability of German language. Thank you, Wisma Jerman!”

Rian Maulana

“The course is challenging because I’ve never learned German before. The lecturers here are keen to help and support me. Several tests during course period sometimes are given to measure our ability. I enjoy my class tremendously. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to continue their study in Germany.”


“Wisma Jerman gives me a chance to grow up in German atmosphere.”


“The teaching method in Wisma Jerman is fun and very interesting. The teacher can make the students to be active in class, and they try their best to deliver the learning material in an easier way.”

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