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is part of the “Pre-integration in South east Asia” project. It is presented for those who want to migrate permanently to Germany regarding professional or private reasons, will receive qualified support in the preparation. Infopoint Deutsch under Wisma Jerman and supported funded by AMIF Project through Goethe-Institut prepares you comprehensively for life in Germany.

What Is Pre-Integration ?

“Pre-integration” is a preparation to migrate to another country for daily and working life in Germany, which begins in the country of origin.

Pre-Integration at Wisma Jerman :
– Preparation for everyday and professional life in Germany
– Pre-relief of the migration experience
– Conveying realistic ideas about everyday life and the world of working in Germany
– Dealing with fears and stress
– Support during the transition period up to the start of the integration offers in Germany

Supports are given in the form:
– Advice offers: in person, by telephone or by email
– Information
– Seminar
– Virtual offers

The Target Group
    • For those who shortly will live in Germany permanently, and for various private reasons choose to live in Germany for more than 90 days, with the aim:
      – Working as a professional in the field of MINT (Mathematical, Ingenieur, Engineering, Biotechnology, and Information Engineering)
      – Mixed marriage
      – Those who are in the process of a family gathering in Germany

    • Could the project find a job for me?

      We provide you with guidance and reliable sources so that you can carry out your job search safely and independently.

    • Can the project inform me about studying in Germany?

      You will be referred to the relevant and competent bodies that can support you in your search for a degree program in Germany.

    • Can the project review my documents for the visa, qualification recognition or application for a job?

      Official sources will provide you with information on the most appropriate contact persons to develop each of the above topics. We also help you to identify contacts and tools in order to create the necessary documents safely and independently. This includes, for example, seminars and training courses on the important and necessary steps for an application in Germany.

    • Does the project offer legal advice ?

      We offer events and training courses on topics such as visa applications, the tax system, health insurance, etc. Your specific questions can be answered at these events, where there is always time for questions.

    • I have doubts that I have not been able to clarify in my research so far. Can you help me with that ?

      The Goethe-Institut has strategic partnerships with organizations that specialize in migration and that we consult in more complex cases. So if you send us a question that we cannot answer immediately, we can fall back on these partners to find a correct answer to your question.

    • How can I get information about upcoming events / training courses offered by the “Pre-integration” project ?

      In the social networks (Instagram, twitter, Facebook and in the regular newsletter of the Wisma Jerman. You can also fill out the form with your details and main questions. You will then be added to our mailing list and always receive relevant information about the project activities.

Consultation in Infopoint Deutsch

In view of the protective measures required by the coronavirus pandemic and the restriction of social contacts, personal meetings for counseling are suspended. We remain available for you virtually and by email.

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This project are supported by AMIF (Asyl, Migration, Integrationsfond)

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