April 2020 Edition of Hallo, Halle! – Expressionist-Experimental Film in Indonesia

April 2020 Edition of Hallo, Halle! – Expressionist-Experimental Film in Indonesia

Usually, Hallo, Halle! Makes once a month makes an appearance in order to entertain friends of Wisma Jerman during the weekend, and so it did also this month. However, what was unusual about this month’s Hallo, Halle! was, that it was held online for the first time since its inception. Hallo, Halle! will continue online via Zoom during  the current Corona crisis, but not meeting face to face doesn’t diminish the events purpose and meaning.

The first online edition of Hallo, Halle! with the topic “Expressionist-Experimental Film in Indonesia” went well and was very much welcomed by the participants. The event was composed of a presentation by Mas Sito Fossy Biosa which was enhanced by a film screening and a subsequent discussion with the audience. Mas Sito Fossy Biosa who is usually called Mas Osa explained that expressionist film is actually a sub-genre of experimental film making and   that experimental films are used by film makers to explore a variety of different types of art like    e. g. video art.

On this occasion Mas Osa introduced the audience to two of his films, i. e. “Tubuh Laut Perang” and “Pink Pastel #3 and #4” which have received several appreciations and were subsequently shown to the audience. The documentation “Tubuh Laut Perang” by body artist Tony Broer was showcased at the Artjog in Yoyakarta and received accolades from the International Performance Art Fest Rewind Art #17 as well as from the Poster Exhibition Sewon Screening.

The other film, titled “Pink Pastel #3 and #4” has its own particularities. This film actually consists of four parts but each part can be viewed separately and together the four parts don’t need to be viewed in a particular order. The film captures the phenomenon experienced by pregnant women to suddenly crave some unusual foods or even non-foods during pregnancy. In 2017 the film competed in the final round of the Miami Epic Trailer Festival in the US as well as at the Exhibition UNKNOWN Asia Art Exchange in Osaka, Japan. In 2019, among others the film received praise and appreciation from the Digital Gallery Network of Arts in Switzerland.

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