Event 2018: Dutch Pancake Night in Wisma Jerman

Event 2018: Dutch Pancake Night in Wisma Jerman

On Saturday, the 25th of August 2018, Wisma Jerman had the honor of becoming host of the Dutch Pancake Night in Surabaya. Robin Vogelaar from the Netherlands who is the organizer of this prestigious event chose Wisma Jerman as the designated location. Prior to the event in Surabaya, the Dutch Pancake Night had been conducted more than 400 times in a total of 40 countries and more than 80 cities worldwide already.

Purpose of the Dutch Pancake Night is to bring people from different backgrounds together, get to know each other while enjoying delicious self-made pancakes. Afterwards the night potentially continues at another location.

More than 200 people from communities such as Couchsurfing, Internations and meetup.com as well as from the general public followed the call and visited Wisma Jerman for an exciting night. All the participants were invited to bring ingredients which could be used for the pancake toppings while the main ingredients like flour, milk and eggs were provided by Robin. This resulted in some more traditional creations such as strawberry, blueberry or other fruit pancakes and some less traditional ones using typical Indonesian food to create Dutch-Indonesian style pancakes. The local catering service Delish Boulevard complemented the menu with some delicious snacks and helped out with the pancake making.

All in all, the event brought a unique sense of unity and togetherness to the many participants. Everybody was very enthusiastic and appreciated the joyful spirit of the night. Wisma Jerman is therefore looking forward to become host for the Dutch Pancake Night or a similar event in Surabaya in the future.

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