Hallo, Halle! February 2021 Edition: Finding Clarity in Every Situation

Hallo, Halle! February 2021 Edition: Finding Clarity in Every Situation

Hustle and bustle in our life sometimes lead to unclear decisions and actions. Moreover, in this modern era, which forces us to work against the clock, it is hard for some of us to find inner peace and a clear mind. Always acting in a hurry and living in unstable conditions, especially during the current pandemic situation, put our mental health at risk.

An abundance of new information and many rule changes rapidly force us to keep up to date and adapt to the new rules. It is not surprising that this situation leaves most people confused and stressed out. If people cannot handle the stress, it can become even worse.

Meditation has been proven as one of several alternatives to help us stay calm. According to the Harvard Health Blog, mindful meditation can help ease psychological stress like anxiety, depression, and pain. Based on this research, Hallo, Halle! February 2021 Edition chose the topic “Finding Clarity in Every Situation” and invited wellness coach Adeline Windy. The event was held on 27th of February 2021 at 2 p.m. via Zoom.

For two hours on this Saturday afternoon, Adeline Windy shared about clearing the mind and grounding oneself. With the help of a case study, she explained to the participants how to better assess their state of mind. However, not only did she share the theory, Adeline also gave some practical lessons in meditation, breathing exercises, and movement. Before the event ended, the 30 participants also had the chance to ask questions related to the topic. All participants had a great time with the virtual presentation and workshop. Some of them even expressed that this workshop could help them to sort out their unclear mind.

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