Hallo, Halle! July 2020 Edition: Virtual Photoshoot

Hallo, Halle! July 2020 Edition: Virtual Photoshoot

Hallo, Halle! July 2020 edition’s topic was Virtual Photoshoot. Conceptualized as a virtual discussion and workshop, Hallo, Halle! collaborated with Gudang Kamera for its implementation. The result was an entertaining event with Maximilian John, photographer and founder of Moire Photo.

During the first session Maximilian, who his friends also call Max, explained the theory of virtual photography to around 20 participants. Hereby he emphasized the importance of a good internet connection and of the equipment and applications that are being used to take a picture. Using a screenshot application for example would result in a rather plain picture, but would of course be more practical than using a DSLR camera setup.

However, a DSLR setup enables the photographer to produce more vibrant pictures and leave much for room for creativity. Max further stated that both photographer and model should always use the same video conferencing application. Furthermore the model or client needs to “give the photographer a tour” of the room he or she is in in order to determine the best lighting and background conditions for the perfect picture.

The second session then consisted of a lively discussion round where the viewers also could ask Max specific questions about virtual photography. Afterwards finally the moment everybody had been waiting for had arrived. A virtual workshop gave everybody the opportunity to put the theory they had just learnt into practice under the professional guidance of Max.

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