Hallo, Halle! November 2020 Edition: Social Movement & Sustainable Lifestyle

Hallo, Halle! November 2020 Edition: Social Movement & Sustainable Lifestyle

Nearing the end of the year, the final edition of Hallo, Halle! in 2020 presented the topic “Social Movement & Sustainable Lifestyle” with Anindya Athaya and Brian Tedjakesuma as speakers. On this occasion, they explained the background of the foundation of their own social movement Earthling. Together with other Indonesian students who currently study in Germany, they founded this social movement, which since then has been recognized by the UNESCO.


During the event that took place on Saturday 21 November Anindya and Brian spoke about sustainable lifestyle in Germany and Indonesia. In a lively discussion, they exchanged their experience and their scientific point of view of sustainable lifestyles with twelve guests who participated in the event.

An interesting aspect that was brought up was the fact that a growing number of German products is supporting sustainability and a sustainable lifestyle. As an example served the increasing number of vegan products and bulk stores. On the other hand, Indonesia traditionally has environmentally friendly products which people started to abandon in the past but which recently have been rediscovered like besek, a food packaging made from bamboo.

The discussion revealed that there are many small things that we as individuals can do at home to initiate change towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, we can share this knowledge and thereby educate others to follow our example. In the end, we will all benefit from a more conscious and more sustainable way of life.

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