1.000 Trees Campaign

Wisma Jerman, Kairen Ecosolution and LindungiHutan are collaborating for the “1.000 Trees Campaign” initiative, which runs from April to Desember 2024.

“1.000 Trees Campaign” is one of Wisma Jerman’s commitments to support the sustainability of maintaining the balance of environmental ecosystems and increasing green open spaces around the city of Surabaya.

Through the “1.000 Trees Campaign”, together we can make a real difference to our environment! By donating to plant 1 tree, you are helping to absorb carbon from the air, while also helping to restore damaged ecosystems and help balance nature.

Every tree we plant is a concrete step towards the change we all want! Be a part of the “1.000 Trees Campaign” movement to plant hope and make a positive impact on the future of our earth!

Let’s get your tree ready through us! Together we will plant 1.000 trees for a greener and healthier environment!

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Why Plant Mangrove Trees?

Every mangrove tree we plant presents a major contribution to:

    • Absorbing Carbon:
      As part of the earth’s lungs, mangroves recycle carbon from the air.
    • Protecting Beaches:
      Mangrove roots stabilize the shoreline, preventing erosion and protecting coastal communities from flooding and storm surges.
    • Improving Groundwater Quality:
      Mangrove forests help filter water and remove pollutants, thereby improving water quality in coastal areas, which is important for human health and marine ecosystems.
    • Wildlife Habitat:
      Mangrove forests provide important habitats for a wide variety of plants and animals, including many endangered species.
    • Recreation and Tourism:
      Mangrove forests can be soothing tourist destinations, providing recreational and educational opportunities for communities.
why plant trees


Visit the following website/link to donate and be part of our campaign: http://bit.ly/1000TREES
It’s not just about planting trees, but about creating change together

Through this campaign, together we are:

  • Fighting the Climate Crisis: Your actions contribute to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions
  • Planting Hope: Every tree is a symbol of hope for a greener future
  • Planting our Legacy for the Future: By preserving the environment,
    we ensure the earth is a healthy and livable place for generations to come.
lets take action

Want to know more about the climate crisis?

Attend the monthly “Climate Fresk” workshop held at Wisma Jerman. There, you will learn more about the impacts of climate change and how to take concrete
action to fight it.

Let’s realize a green and healthy earth for the future together!

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Let’s prevent climate change by contributing to the “1.000 Trees Campaign”!
How to become active?

      1. Visit the following website/link or scan QRCode on the last page to donate and be part of our campaign:
      2. Click Donate then select and adjust the donation amount, select a payment method, and fill in your personal data.
      3. Click Donate at the right bottom and you have joined in real action to prevent climate change!


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What are the benefits?

        1. E-certificate from LindungiHutan
        2. E-certificate from “1.000 Trees Campaign” (can be printed on request)*
        3. Contributors will be announced as supporters of the “1.000 Trees Campaign” (optional)
        4. Invitation to the tree planting ceremony at Kawasan Mangrove, Wonorejo, Surabaya
        5. Documentation and tree progress report