Science Film Festival 2019: Humboldt and the Web of Life

Science Film Festival 2019: Humboldt and the Web of Life

It does not easily sink in that the annual Science Film Festival (SFF) has already reached its tenth year in Indonesia. To celebrate this achievement, a warm-up session preceded the actual event this year. The warm-up for the SFF in Surabaya was held on three days from 26th to 28th of August with pupils from three different elementary schools. The actual SFF then went on for two weeks from 28th of October until 08th of November with events at Wisma Jerman and some selected partner locations. Among them were two PASCH schools, Hotel Sahid Surabaya, the SMPK Vincentius, the SMPN 50, and the Universitas Kristen Petra.

This year’s SFF picked up the idea of the multitalented German scientist Alexander von Humboldt who revolutionized the conception of our ecosystem with his scientific approach of understanding nature that considered many different scientific disciplines and formed the foundation of his view of nature as an interconnected living web. In a nutshell this means that impacts in one area will likely lead to effects in another area as well. By choosing this idea as the main theme for the SFF 2019, it is hoped to raise awareness for issues concerning the environment like climate change and preservation, and the important role and responsibility that fall on us.

The SFF invites young schoolchildren to engage in and understand scientific topics in an easy and entertaining way through short films and interesting experiments. This year in Surabaya, the students of 20 schools watched 13 films out of the SFF 2019 film selection. Not surprising that the total number of participants reached a staggering 2.666 students.

We are looking forward to next year’s Science Film Festival when we once again combine science and fun to educate the young generation.








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