Sore WisJer! : Cerita Dibalik Layar

Sore WisJer! : Cerita Dibalik Layar

Who has already experienced the sensation of watching a movie in an open air cinema? Accompanied by a soft breeze, sitting on a seating mat together with close friends. Surely everybody who has made the experience enjoys looking back on these fond memories. This is what Olivia Sungkar, Co-Founder of Misbar Cinema, felt.

Starting from a fun idea, Olivia and seven of her friends took the initiative to a more modern approach to open air cinema. Their concept does not only revolve around film screenings but also includes other open air activities like karaoke events, discussions with film makers, quizzes or auctions. With tickets priced between Rp 129,000.00 – Rp. 229,000.00 visitors receive access to all activities for a day including some additional complimentary extras.

Since it first premiered in February 2019, Misbar’s unique concept has successfully drawn the interest of visitors as well as of some avid supporters. This is proven by the regularly sold out events and by the fact that the concept has been implemented in three cities in Indonesia so far.

According to Olivia the key to successfully organize a film event which is able to convince a lot of people to support it, is proper research. The challenge for the organizer is to truly understand the purpose of the event and the reason behind it. What is the basic message that the event intends to to communicate? Because it is important for an event to be successful, that the organizer’s intentions and the film that wants to be shown to the audience are in tune.

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