Sore, WisJer!: Explore Indonesian Food in Germany

Sore, WisJer!: Explore Indonesian Food in Germany

On November 23, 2021, Sore, WisJer! returned and invited the audience to Explore Indonesian Food in Germany with the owner of the restaurant Daily Warteg in Berlin, Gabrielle Winata. For approximately 45 minutes, Gabrielle talked enthusiastically about the Indonesian food business that she started. Approximately 20 Sobat WisJer attended the event and interacted directly on Sore WisJer! Instagram Live.

Having started her journey in Germany as a student, it turned out that Gabrielle often missed Indonesian food, which is not always easy to find in Germany. With her passion for cooking and the encouragement by her friends to cook Indonesian food, Gabrielle quickly gained confidence in building her own business, the Daily Warteg.

Despite building a business during a pandemic, Gabrielle’s efforts are still appreciated by both Germans and Indonesians in Germany. At her restaurant, Gabrielle serves Woku Chicken, Yellow Rice, Salted Egg Seasoned Chicken, and Gado-Gado. Unexpectedly, consumers’ interest in the taste of each meal that she serves is quite high. Indonesian visitors are happy to find familiar food that immediately reminds them of their home and her German customers are particularly fond of the fried snack Tempeh Mendoan.

Even though she is in Germany, Gabrielle still tries make the food taste as authentic and Indonesian as possible. For her, it is very nice to be able to serve Indonesian food in Germany and even more so to get the appreciation from her customers.

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