Sore, WisJer!: The Fun of Filmmaking

Sore, WisJer!: The Fun of Filmmaking

On August 11th 2020 Sore, WisJer! invited friends and followers of Wisma Jerman to talk about the fun factor of filmmaking. For this purpose, Wisma Jerman had recruited Dwi, an alumnus of the third edition of Wisma Jerman’s own mentored film workshop Doc Clinic. On the occasion of Sore, WisJer! Dwi shared his experience as a film creator and talked about his participation in Doc Clinic 3.

Doc Clinic 3 was held for the duration of one week by Wisma Jerman in early 2019. After sending in his application Dwi was selected as one of the workshop participants and together with his team he produced a short film titled “Lantun Rakyat”. By using only simple equipment like their mobile phones and a DSLR camera, they created a film, which aims to respond to various (political) banner and billboard campaigns spread throughout Surabaya.

During the course of the workshop, Dwi and his team gained a lot of valuable insights from their mentors. Moreover, he explained, they had some interesting experiences during the shooting process in order to achieve the vision they had of the film. He explained, to get some footage of the local police taking down billboards, he and his friend had to chase after them.

Their hard work was rewarded when „Lantun Rakyat“ won at the Ganesha Film Festival 2020. As one of the keys to success in keeping up the spirit during the filmmaking process he pointed out that, it is important to find enjoyment in the process of learning something new.

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